Wasteland 3‘s creators are on the record stating the game may take some players upwards of 80 hours to complete (!), so it’s no surprise that an epic RPG such as this boasts an equally massive Achievement list. With the game’s release just hours away, it’s a great time to start charting your course through frozen, post-apocalyptic Colorado, one Achievement at a time.

A note as you peruse the following list: while we are not revealing any hidden Achievements here, many of the descriptions mention locations, characters, and other gameplay elements you might not want spoiled, so read at your own risk!

Wasteland 3 launches for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam, including Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC on August 28th. Those who have pre-ordered or are Xbox Game Pass members can pre-download now.

Credit: Wasteland 3 Achievement List Revealed – Xbox Wire