Fans of The Witcher will soon be able to hunt for beasts in the real world thanks to a brand new mobile game that’s currently in development.

Titled The Witcher: Monster Slayer, the game is currently being developed by Spokko. Spokko, in turn, is a member of CD Projekt Red, which is the company that produces the Witcher video games.

The new augmented reality game is free to play and is set prior to the events of the books the games and the hit Netflix series are based off of.

On Wednesday (August 26), Spokko unveiled a brand new teaser trailer for The Witcher: Monster Slayer, which showcases that the game is set up similarly to Pokemon Go.

Per Spokko’s official synopsis, the mobile game is “a location-based augmented-reality RPG that challenges you to become a professional monster hunter.”

“Venture out into the world around you and use your mobile device to track witcher-world monsters that roam close-by. Track these monsters and prepare for combat using time of day, weather conditions, and your witcher knowledge to gain an advantage on your quest to becoming an elite monster slayer.”

Watch the short teaser trailer for the single player RPG game below!

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In addition, Variety reports that the game developers are promising players “console-grade visuals.” In addition, the outlet also teased that outside elements like time of day, local weather conditions, and more will play a factor in whether or not players are successful in tracking down monsters and slaying them.

Finally, fans of the original video games will likely be happy to know that The Witcher: Monster Slayer plans to incorporate story-driven quests inspired by other games from the series.

The forthcoming mobile game is set to be available for download both for iOS and Android users, though no official launch date has been revealed yet.

Credit: ‘Witcher: Monster Slayer’ mobile game coming soon to iOS, Android